Hi All,

I recently bought a Netgear Wireless Card (Yay!). However
it doesn't seem to work.

It shows up in the System Tray as connected and the light
on the card is a solid green, but when I go to "View
Available Wireless Networks", nothing shows up, and
everything except the Cancel button is disabled

My work has the same model of network card, and it works
there (I havn't tried for a while as I am interstate on
business at the moment). However I have noticed that
there seems to be a tab missing from the Connection
Properties page.

Previously, both on my computer at work and on a friends
laptop, there is a tab for "Wireless Networks". This is
missing from my computer now, and I know not why.

I have tried uninstalling/reinstalling drivers, reboots,
etc. Can anyone tell me what to do to rectify the

Much thanx in advance