This is Jamie Shaw. If you don't believe me, please e-mail me at
[email]JamiesMArriedbresnan.net[/email]. I know you think this is a scam, but please try
me. You are probably thinking everyone has said that line, what makes you so
different? The simple fact that I haven't lied about one thing I have said.
I promise you this is real. Please try me. It will take you about 30 seconds
I swear! Just go to the link I have provided, sign up, sign in, and there
you go! If you choose to download the software, this is how it works. The
software allows you to no longer type www. Instead, you just type
websitename.com and you are there! Also to access your acoount, just type in
my account and you will go to your account! Honestly this is the first thing
I have tried and it works. The reason I need you to help is because I need
so many people to sign up to help me. I haven't reached that number yet so I
ask you out of help, please sign up for me. And don't believe that "scam"
stuff. This is my REAL e-mail address and also I am qualified in many fields
of electronics, so if you have ANY questions outside of the program you are
signing up for, PLEASE E-MAIL me and I I WILL answer all questions. Thanks
in advance, later ya'll!