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[email][/email] (Dave Brown) wrote:
> I installed the Dec 2002 Dev Tools, as well as the gcc 3.3 upgrade.
> However, when I write a simple HelloWorld C++ tool in Project Builder,
> it looks to be using the old 2.95 compiler. It also can't find the
> standard include files like <sstream>. The same test program compiles
> and runs fine via compilation in a terminal window with g++.
> I notice the "Jamfile" commandline looks like:
> /Developer/Private/jam -d1 -j1
> JAMBASE=/Developer/Makefiles/pbx_jamfiles/ProjectBuilderJambase
> BUILD_STYLE=Development
> CPP_HEADERMAP_FILE=/Users/dbrown/code/HelloWorld/build/
> SRCROOT=/Users/dbrown/code/HelloWorld
> OBJROOT=/Users/dbrown/code/HelloWorld/build
> SYMROOT=/Users/dbrown/code/HelloWorld/build
> DSTROOT=/tmp/HelloWorld.dst
> Notice the _DEFAULT_GCC_VERSION-2.95.2 line. !! what's up with this?
> I make sure the Target "GCC Compiler Setting" is set to GCC v3.1.
> (BTW - Why doesn't GCC 3.3 show up here?).
> Finally, note that from a terminal window, doing "gcc -v" does indeed
> show me it's version 3.3.
I just ran across something similar to this one, to make use of gcc 3.3
you have to add some additional build settings to your target.

This is explained in the release notes for the gcc 3.3 updater, a PDF
file called "About GCC Updater.pdf" and the extra build settings are

As for the line about _DEFAULT_GCC_VERSION, it looks like it says that
when /usr/sbin/gcc_select is set to 3.3 If you set it back to 3.1 it
will say 3.1 but both 3.3 and 2.95.2 cause it to say 2.95.2