It's been a while, but I'm getting back to thinking about this Tk::Music

How do people want this to work... so far we have the following

1. Some way of storing a bunch of notes
2. Some way of displaying them
a) An object that uses a Tk::Canvas to display either:
i) The whole sheet?????
ii) One page at a time??????
b) A Page object that contains everything to be displayed on one page in
the way of systems???
c) A System object that contains measures
d) A Measure object that contains notes
e) An Element object that's inherited by:
i) A Note objecy that has a length, pitch, etc
ii) A Clef object
iii) A TimeSignature object
iv) etc (you get the idea!)
3. Some way of editing them
a) A Cursor object??
4. VERY good doentation so that people can easily write plugins etc.
5. Some conversions from screen distances to print distances so you can
actually print it onto paper???