Hi all, I have an mssql server and sqlserver agent running
with a local administrator id 'GCBAPU427\sqlrep01' instead
of local system account. The id is not a domain id. It is
only avaiable in the server.

I try executing the below command

EXEC master.dbo.xp_sqlagent_proxy_account N'SET',
N'GCBAPU427', -- agent_domain_name
N'sqlrep01', -- agent_username

I get the below error,
"Error executing extended stored procedure: Specified user
can not login"

The id has,

Act as part of the Operating System.
Increase Quotas.
Replace a process level token.
Log on as a batch job.
policy permissions at the server level.

I am doing this because, I want my sql jobs to be run with
an internal proxy account... Pls help