I'm implementing a Photoshop PSD reader based on the specs provided
in the PS6 SDK. It seems the specs is incomplete and doesn't describe:

1. Layer sets
2. Text layers
3. Whether a slice is User or Auto

I'm using the "File Formats Specifications Version 6.0 Release 2, Nov 2000"
PDF doent.

The barrier for getting the PS7 SDK is prohibitive as it requires
premium ASN membership and per-case screening by Adobe.

I really hope someone can provide the missing information,
or point to a link where I can find the latest full specs,
I'd be immensely grateful!

Yes I know there are several open-source PSD readers
out there but all of them implement too tiny a fraction
of it to be useful for my needs. Let me know if I'm wrong though!

Many thanks in advance!