I have some images that are in the .psd file format (they're layered files) and I've placed them into an Illustrator file and have then placed the illustrator file into InDesign. From InDesign I've created a pdf file. When I try to print the file from Acrobat to my Epson Stylus Photo 2100 printer, the images from photoshop which are layered on top of elements in Indesign display a white box beneath them, when in fact the images have transparent backgrounds and display this way correctly in Illustrator and InDesign. Also I've created a drop shadow in Indesign behind some of the images but when printed this drop shadow prints (and also displays in Acrobat) as a white box.

Just wondered if someone knew what was happening here and if you could give me some tips as to how I can print to my inkjet printer properly. Also if this isn't possible, will it be okay at the print house?

Thanks for any help offered.