I am running CFMX 6.1 on Windows 2000 Server. I am trying to use Verity to
full-text search several collections, one of which is a MS SQL 2000
knolwedgebase DB. I can pull back results combining all the collections
(including the DB) without a problem. However, there are some knowledgebase
articles in the DB that are not supposed to be visible, so there's a column for
enabled/disabled. The problem is Verity pulls back all results from the DB,
irregardless of whether the KB article is enabled or disabled.

I figured if I could identify which records come from the KB collection, I
could then figure out how to do a query to eliminate all articles that are not
supposed to be displayed before they are combined with the rest of the search

So, is there a way to pull out the collection name from a multi-collection
Verity search result set? If not, can anyone think of any way to do this kind
of a search?

Thanks in advance,