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Purge Clipboard - Adobe Illustrator Windows

Gee, don't I get at least a handy wipe<g> Bob...

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    Default Re: Purge Clipboard

    Gee, don't I get at least a handy wipe<g>

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    Default Re: Purge Clipboard


    Join the Hero club. Thank you for that info!

    You guys are awesome. You know I'm not over stating the fact, because you know how much time we waste in a day's work mousing around and clicking our way through routines.

    Cheers, Toni
    Toni Toomey Guest

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    Default Re: Purge Clipboard

    And Bob, just so you'll know, I was in the midst of posting your Hero of the Day Award while you were pining for a handy wipe. ;-) T
    Toni Toomey Guest

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    Default Re: Purge Clipboard

    Setting the mouse speed to high, using roller wheel mouse, using wireless mouse, and having the mouse almost glued to your right hand works pretty well for me. Of course if your work is mainly text (mine isn't). I tend to use the quick keys which are left handed and easier then a quick of the mouse might be, but the mouse is just as easy to move for some things. Then perhaps my senior moments might also be more evident than they used to be for remembering some of the quick keys without having to look them up.<g>

    Bob Guest

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    Default Re: Purge Clipboard

    Hey! I didn't know we were entertaining 3-key combos.

    (Good one, ER. Completely forgot about that one.)

    I'll try to keep the rust off the armor.

    =-= Harron =-= Guest

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    Default Re: Purge Clipboard


    Is there a way to get the scroll wheel to work to scroll in Illustrator?????

    Most of my work is with text in Word. So the keystrokes are faster for me. I use mostly use shortcuts in AI too, and like the feature where I can set my own keystrokes. Ex: I'm a lefty mouser, so I have the keystroke for the Direction Selection tool set at J--easier to get to with my right hand than A. I use the Group Selection tool a lot, so it's F. That's a great AI feature that I learned about right here in these hallowed cyber-halls.

    My monitor is strewn with sticky note reminders of the key assignments.

    Harron, 3-key combos are cool. I set mine up to be ergonomically friendly. My least favorite 3-key combo is Ctrl+Shift+Enter to deactivate the Type tool in Photoshop. At least it's doable with one hand for a lefty mouser.

    Cheers, T
    Toni Toomey Guest

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    Default Re: Purge Clipboard


    Unfortunately, the scroll wheel won't work within Illustrator, which shoould definitely be added to the WISH LIST, by the way.

    Bob Guest

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    Default Re: Purge Clipboard

    Toni, don't get too excited, the discovery came as I was spilling coffee on my keyboard a couple of years ago. While wiping it up I had Alt and space down at the same time. After the swearing stopped I started playing around. I'm not Columbus of Windows by any stretch.
    Can I still keep the sabre though? It's kinda cool.
    Ted Guest

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    Default Re: Purge Clipboard


    I'm not Columbus of Windows by any stretch.

    On the contrary: The other Mr C spilled coffee on his papers with the calculation of the diameter of this globe so he got them wrong, and he believed there was a shortcut to India; hence the purely accidental bumping into the West Indies. It was not Columbian coffee.

    You made no mistakes in the process so the sabre is well owned. Guest

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    Default Re: Purge Clipboard

    Couldn't have said it better, Jacob.

    Bob, I've leaving stability on my wish list. Once the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Faerie, and Santa get together and grant that one, then I'll consider putting the scroll feature on my wish list. >:-)T
    Toni Toomey Guest

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    Default Re: Purge Clipboard

    Hmmm. You mean 11 isn't stable on your machine? I've sure not had that problem, but that's a song for another hymnal.

    Bob Guest

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