It sounds as though you are using one file (table), and you want all this
activity to take place within the one file. You don't say where (what field)
you want to put the largest pounds value 'back into the original record that
the user is viewing'; let's say it goes into a field called 'Big'.

Create a self-join (a relationship between fields within the same file)
relationship ('Ex') using Exercise as the key on both sides. Now you can
create a script:

Exit Record/Request [<---commits the pullldown choice]
Set Field["Big", "Max(Ex::Pounds"]

The Aggregate functions are very close to their counterparts in SQL,
although FMP currently has no Floor(), Ceiling() functions.

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"Dana K Pellerin" <ss_whiplash> wrote in message
> Is it possible to do the following in FMPro6?
> I have two fields called Excersize, and Pounds. Excersize is a drop down
> field with selectable values. When the user selects one of the options,I
> want to automatically do a search for the record with the largest pounds
> value that also contains that excersize value. Then i want to take that
> maximum value and put it back into the original record that the user is
> viewing.
> Can i do this? In SQL it would be a snap. But i don't see any way to do
> searches and store the result in variables in FM for use elsewhere.
> Dana