Many years ago I made an instant win applet in Java for a client. It had a
simple wheel with prizes all around, and when the user clicked on a button,
a needle spun around and stopped on the prize. The client wants a newer
version, with some changes. I am thinking Flash may be better, but I don't
know enough about Flash.

This is how it worked.

An .ASP page called the applet up with a few parameters. (user's name,
contest id, etc). The applet sent the game server a ticket request. The
server responded with something like

"prizestrip141.gif" was a gif file with images of a bunch of prizes. The
applet would show graphic #5 in the first slot around the wheel, graphic #4
in the second slot etc.

The .gif file was 15 pix by 15 for each "prize" it contained. So, if the
gif had 5 prizes, it would be 15x by 75px.


This way, the same applet could show a bunch of different prizes. When the
user spun the wheel, the applet would a request to the game server, and the
game server told it where to stop.

At the time, Flash could not read in a GIF file and use it. I was
wondering, can it do something like this now?