I just finished a brochure
8.5 by 14" landscape w/ 4 columns of type.

Most text is 12 pt type.

At the bottom of the page going sideways

I have the lower case word

edgartown cut in half,..also behind it
the word VENTURES is cut
so the top part of the word is visible.

I sliced the words in Illustrator 10,..

then Imported as a pic, the problem here
is this is a 2 color brochure.

The words (edgartown & Ventures) are the same color as the
background but two different screens in Quark
were used on the type so edgartown is forward and lighter

The problem is, the way its set up in Quark the words,
(edgartown & Ventures) bottom half,.... fall behind the
black rectangle which runs anlong the bottom of
of this landscape brochure.

I dont want the Black ink printing on top of
the Blue (bottom half of edgartown & VENTURES)

This is why I cut the letters in half
in Illustrator,....but now the problem is
the imprted Illustator (edgartown & Ventures)

are not the colors I was able to get out of Quark
which is the screened words the same colors
as the background

Here is a picture,..Gif of the letters.
This all was done in Quark and looks the way I want it
but the letters fall behind the black rectangle.