I inherited a small Soligor strobe, MK 24ASII without an instruction
manual. The Soligor web site doesn't even list this model which I'm
sure is several years old, and doesn't offer downloads of the manuals

There are several items on the back side of the unit.

There's a calculator dial with various ASA and DIN values, distances,
and f/stops.

There's also a 5-position slide switch. The positions are labeled M
(white), A (blue), A (green), A (red), and a white star. I have no
idea whatever what these labels mean.

The is a two-position slide swith labeled ON and OFF. I figured
this one out.

There is a READY/TEST light which lit up when I put fresh batteries
into the unit and turned it on. There's another light labeled C. L.
the purpose of which I have no idea.

On the front there is what appears to be a tiny lens, probably for an
electric eye or autofocus device.

The flash unit itself swivels from straight up to straight forward
(the unit is constructed on an angle so when fastened to a shoe on top
of a camera, the unit leans forward a bit)

There's a shoe mount but it isn't a hot shoe.

I can't find where a flash cord would connect except for a very small
hole on the left side. It might be for a micro plug; I can't tell.

Does anyone have any ideas where I might pick up a manual? And, does
anyone have any information or comments about this unit, good or bad?