I've not been working with CSS for too long so am a relative beginner.
Currently working on a client website and have to incorporate an unordered list
multi-tiered drop down menu. The site build is temporarily hosted here

There are multiple imported style sheets attached to the above xhtml page- the
one specific to the nav bar is here


Have researched Drop Down menu options fairly widely. Considered purchasing
the "Project VII" "Pop Menu Magic"

and donating to and using "The ULTIMATE CSS only drop-down menu" by "CSS Play"

At this stage however I?m opting for the FREE solution "Son of erfish
multi tiered drop down menu"

After successfully implementing it I found though I was not quite happy with
the CSS rollover effect limitations of the "Son of erfish" . I then
explored further (read through the first 300 or so comments posted here
[url]http://www.htmldog.com/ptg/archives/000050.php[/url] ). I found what I was looking
for so then integrated K. Willems extension (comment #233) of the "Son of
erfish" [url]http://www.home.zonnet.nl/kwillems/testsf.html#[/url]

I have a working version here
[url]http://www.jaydaniells.com/Client/charter/cp-corpsite/index-dropdown.html[/url] . At
the moment it renders incorrectly in IE 5.5, IE6 & IE7. Looks ok in Firefox 2.0
though still not perfect. The problem is the positioning of the 2nd and 3rd
tier drop down. Have spent hrs trying to tweak the CSS to get it right but so
far no luck.

Here is a mock-up of how I wish to menu to ideally look
l .

Here are screen shots of current renders in IE 5.5, IE6 & IE7

Would muchly appreciate any assistance and or a fix. I ideally want the Drop
down to render correctly in the above mentioned browsers as well as Safari and