I created a Director MX Presentation which plays a QuickTime video from a local disk. Occasionally, when the Director Projector begins to play the Quicktime movie, I get a Quicktime dialog box saying something like "Playback of this media requires the following QuickTime Components", with "Quicktime Authoring" and "QuickTime Streaming" listed with the option of downloading these components. If I hit "Cancel", everything continues without a problem, showing me these components are not really needed. I can play back the movie in stand alone Quicktime with no problem.

This message does not happen all of the time, and has happened on several different Win 2000
computers. I created this projector with Director MX, and playback is on a Win 2000 machine with Quicktime 6.4.

Has anyone else experienced a Quicktime message in a director projector that tells them to download required components? I know these components are not really required and I would like to figure out why this is happening and how to make it stop.