Hi there,

I try to connect a simple custom progress-bar to a quicktime Movie, so
if the movie plays the progressbar positin gets up and if the movie is
at the end the progressbar is filled.
But: With witch callback (or waht else) i can make the movie to set the
progressbar to the right position?

Another question:
I want to save a movie automatically by pressing a button.
And the user shouldn't have a choice which fileformat and compression
and so on.
I want to define the format (*.mov) the quility ("highest") and the
frames per second... but where can I store this settings to call a

By the way: Is it possible to save a movie of custom length to a movie
of exactly defined length? (movie has in original 200 frames, i want to
save ist in 100 frames...)
To play a movie in the exact time is possible by the setMovieRate but
can I also store a movie like this?

One more:
If a connect a controler to the ovie in a defined rect, the movie was
played fine and so on, also the movie is quite bigger than the rect...
If I want to store that movie, it was stored in the Size of the rect,
not the original size...is there a possibility to store the original
size of the movie althoug i want to look at it in the specified rect and
make changes like make a selection and clear it from the movie...

It would be much help, if someone can answer some of the questions or
give hints, how it could be done...
I hope in this mac-forum there are many more people interested in
QT-topic, but in windows. The API-description is quite large (3000pages)
but it helps not so much with real questions...

Best Regards and thanks in advance!
Bjoern M. Albrecht
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