I would like to display testimonials on a page. That is the basic thing and
until now, nothing special to do it! I will also includes some CFIF when I want
to show testimonials that fit specific type of page (on the website). Again,
nothing special until now.

I do not want to "refresh" a entire page so I opted for CFLAYOUT with another
source-page (ColdFusion 8) but it does not the refresh!!! :-( This is not
confirm completely yet but seems to not do that!

Ok, here is my dilema! what if I use Flash (or Flex maybe?) to create an
animated Testimonials buble on my website? Is it the best way to do it with
smooth effect? I am not talking about sophisticated effects but just a kind of
fade-in/fade-out when changing testimonial.

I am a bit confuse as I am a programmer and try to implicate graphics in a way
which is not usual for me.

any help will be appreciated!