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> > >An American gentleman was traveling by himself on a bus through Mexico. A
> > >nice local man sat next to him on the crowded bus. They began a friendly
> > >conversation and the local man warned the American about the thieves that
> > >prey on travelers. He warned the American to watch out for pickpockets
> with
> > >razor blades that will slit your pockets and take your wallet and you
> don't
> > >even know it. After a while on the long bus ride, he took out some
> homemade
> > >biscuits, took one for himself, started eating it and offered some to the
> > >American. The American took one of the biscuits and started eating it.
> The
> > >next thing the American remembered was waking up in a drugged state of
> mind
> > >on the side of the road. His money, his clothes, his luggage, everything
> was
> > >gone.
> >
> > And what of the bus driver and the other passengers?
> >
> They were all in on it too......His mistake was not realizing that the bus
> driver was really Rod Serling........
Was there a little monster dude hanging onto the outside of the bus
peering in at him while he ate the biscuit?

Randy Howard
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