Thanks, i already solve that problem, but now i have

Look I need to change the permissions for the files, I use
$cmd = "chmod 644 $archivo";

but I can do it, only the root can do have an idea how I can
do it?


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On Tuesday, July 8, 2003, 6:52:56 PM, carlos wrote:

cc> But them how i can look for the tag i need if i have the file in an
cc> array, i need to read an xml file and extract the info between tags
cc> <password xx> and </password>.....

Well, I wish you would have said that earlier. Parsing XML files is
different than parsing text (or other files).

PHP has XML parsing built-in thanks to expat. More information on XML
support in PHP is at

I have written a tutorial at my website
<plug></plug> that shows an
example of parsing
XML files in PHP. It does not use the XMLDOM extension. It might be of
help to you.

Burhan Khalid

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