Is there a way to re-run Perl's configure script (the one that runs
when you install Perl?)

Here's what I've got: A program I'm working on suddenly stopped
working (meaning: a known working version stopped working) with the
error 'Can't locate I18N/ in INC' after I installed some
modules that that I am going to need from CPAN. In the course of
that, I also upgraded CPAN on my machine.

Now, I can find the folder named 'I18N'. It contains the files:
'' and '', as well as the folder 'LangTags'.
I'm leaving those alone.

A search of the possible referencing files (I don't reference it
directly, I don't even know for sure what it is supposed to do)
reveals that they all check for the exsistance of I18N/
before requiring it. Further inquriery turned up the file
'' contains a line reporting that I have the offending file. says that it was built automatiacly as part of the Perl
install. So what I'm really looking for is the best way to re-create
that file. (I always assume that if there is one problem in such a
file there may be others.)

In case it matters I'm running Perl 5.8.0 under Mac OS X. (versions:
10.2.6 and 10.2.8. Apple released an update last night.) That is
upgraded from the standard Apple install.

Daniel T. Staal

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