I purchased the Studio MX upgrade from Mac Mall under the auspices of a
$100 rebate. After receiving the upgrade and installing it, I downloaded
the rebate form. The form says I need the original UPC code from the
box. Only problem is that the box has already been thrown away.

Now what? Am I ed?

I called customer service already and they said that the fulfillment
company says they need the UPC code to verify that no more than one
request per order is submitted. I would think that would be important to
print on the outside of the box! "Do not throw away, you might need this."

Is there anyone here (MM employees specifically) who might give me a
hand, as the deadline is three days. I really don't see why my company
should be ed out of a hundred bucks because the outside packaging
of a product that was nothing more than a disc and a few slips of paper
was discarded.

Tim Hines
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