I've pretty much done everything I can figure out to solve this one short of
banging my head into a wall, and would like to hear your ideas. I'm trying to
work my way through the Training From the Source book on DreamweaverMX 2004
with asp, coldfusion, and php. I have Dreamweaver MX and Dreamweaver 8 loaded
on a Windows XP machine with PHP, Apache, and mySQL loaded.

I'm stumped in Chapter 11 (p. 319), in trying to add a recordset to be called
rs_tourDetail on the test database newland_tours. I type the SQL exactly as it
is in the book to perform an inner join on two tables and display all fields...
but the recordset fails the test with the Windows error "An unidentified error
has occurred."

Here's the SQL code:

FROM tbl_tours INNER JOIN tbl_country
ON tbl_country.countryID=tbl_tours.country
ORDER BY tbl_country.countryName

I loaded the "completed lesson" file from the test files and found that it
also invoked an "unidentified error" in DW.

Other steps -- I connected to the database through MS Access 2003 and the
myODBC driver... and first performed the steps by object design and looked at
the SQL code (same as written in the book). Then I typed the SQL code in and
looked at it in Design view and saw that it was the same (and that it was
functional). Also, the author has a web page that lists errata in the book...
but this problem isn't listed.

So what am I doing wrong?