Has anyone found a way to recover overwritten FHMX files on Mac OS 10.2.6?
Does FHMX write 'Temp' files that can be recovered?

I accidentally deleted objects in a file and then saved and continued
working. The deletion was no longer in my FHMX undo's, so it's gone. I
immediately ran Norton Unerase that comes with Norton SystemWorks 2 (boots
from CD into OS9) but it found no 'Temp' files. It didn't seem to find many
OSX files at all. I haven't upgraded to SystemWorks v.3 and don't wish to if
there's a better alternative.

PS: I've already rebuilt the file - tedious but not particularly difficult
in this case.

Judy Arndt
FHMXa, G4, Mac OS 10.2.6