I keep getting a "Disk full" message which prevents me from saving
anything in any of my apps in Mac OS 10.2.6. My HD is pretty full but I
have a few hundred megs free on my partitions so this is total

When I reboot the system reverts to default i.e. I lose all finder
and application prefs and I lose all that I had in the Dock other than
the default stuff. All Network Stuff gone (have to re-enter data in
Mail app etc. BUT fsck -y always tells me that the system appears O.K.

When I then rebuild my prefs things work O.K. for a while but then the
problem recurs, apparently in a random sort of way (i.e. I cannot pin
point any particular app that might be the cause of the problem).

I have run DiskWarrior 3 on all my five partitions (including the
System partition) and have repaired the permissions with Disk Utility.

I tried Norton Disk First Aid but that chokes on me at a certain point
(says it cannot continue for some reason). Same with Disk 10 simply
freezes after performing a few hundred thousand tests. DiskWarrior is
the only one that finishes the job.

Any suggestions as to what the problem could be, and how to fix? Has
anyone else had this problem? VERY frustrating and time consuming.