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Hi, I just bought Photoshop Element because I wanted something pro to "retouch" my photos. It' supposed to be easy to correct red eyes, but I really don't understand the guide about that... Is there a place I can see kind of a tutorial ? Thank you very much ! Martine...

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    Default red eyes

    I just bought Photoshop Element because I wanted something pro to "retouch" my photos. It' supposed to be easy to correct red eyes, but I really don't understand the guide about that...
    Is there a place I can see kind of a tutorial ?
    Thank you very much !

    Martine Guest

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    Default Re: red eyes


    One of the best red-eye removal tutorials is on Jay Arraich's site:

    While you're there, be sure to take a peek at all of his other, excellent,
    tutorials on PSE.

    Byron Guest

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    Default Re: red eyes

    It's really quite simple. Just pick the red eye brush tool and set the brush size so that it covers the red area. Try using the default colors and just click on the red area a couple of times. That red should go away. Or am I missing something here? Guest

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    Jim, it's not always that simple. If the red eye is very light, the Red Eye
    tool may turn it from red to light gray, which may be unnatural-looking,
    too. That's why there are a bunch of other techniques that people use to
    repaint the eye. The Red Eye tool in Elements is not one of the best for
    this purpose, unfortunately. Guest

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    Default Re: red eyes

    Thank you for the link, I will read it attentively... and I am happy to know I am not that idiot and it's rather the tool :o)
    I hope I will be able to do something nice, because "my" red eyes are not like "his" : the pupil is almost white (flash) and the iris is red !!!
    Well, what a challenge...

    Martine (who will return for sure on the Jay Arraich's site !) Guest

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    Default Re: red eyes

    Martine, I've used the red eye tool successfully, but I always make sure I've increased the magnification so I can see individual pixels. I think this helps a lot in getting a good correction. Guest

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    Default Re: red eyes

    Actually, I like the Photoshop method for removing redeye better than the Elements method. When I saw this message posted I just opened Elements and tried the tool on one of my pictures and it worked. But it seems that you don't have the same amount of control as you do in Photoshop. I apologize for my rather in sensitive remark.

    Jim Guest

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    Default Re: red eyes

    Elements sure isn't known for the quality of its Red Eye tool. Lots of people feel they get better results by choosing a brush, a color, and painting the effected areas with reduced opacity. I've tried that one, too, and it works well in some cases. You would want to make sure you were working at a high magnification, and you always want to be sure and keep that opacity down so you don't get an unnatural look. This really isn't as hard to do as it sounds, and the results can be very natural looking, as long as you remember to leave a touch of white in somewhere. Guest

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    Default Re: red eyes

    Jim, what's the Photoshop method to which you're referring? I'm surprised
    that it wouldn't work the same in Elements, as they're built on the same

    Chuck Guest

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    Default Re: red eyes

    You highlight the red area with the elliptical lasso tool, and then you use the channel mixer to adjust the red, green, and blue color levels separately to achieve the effect that you are looking for. At least that is the method that I learned from the Adobe Expert Center. Guest

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    Default Re: red eyes

    Jim, thanks; if that's the case, you can probably do it with Elements with
    the free add-on tools (channel mixer is one of them). Guest

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    Default Re: red eyes

    So, where does one get these free add-on tools? Guest

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    Default Re: red eyes

    <So, where does one get these free add-on tools?>

    Jim, try this link:

    <> Guest

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    Default Re: red eyes


    I took your suggestion and downloaded the file and installed it in my Photoshop Elements. I suppose these features are okay if you are limited to HAVING to work with Elements. But I still prefer using Photoshop. I appreciate your suggestions and will probably look into these new features a little bit more, but it just still ain't Photoshop. I really don't know how to explain it, but Photoshop just seems to work better for me. However, don't get me wrong. I think Elements is a superb photo editing program, especially for what one must pay for it. Guest

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    Default Re: red eyes

    Jim, I also have both; I prefer the simplicity of Elements and the
    camaraderie of this forum. Perhaps someday I'll make the move, but I just
    haven't found the need yet.

    Chuck Guest

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    Default Re: red eyes

    On Fri, 7 Nov 2003 19:06:41 -0800, com wrote:

    Here's a quick procedure that I came up with that gives good

    1. Select the pupil using either the Lasso or Magic Wand tool (If
    Magic Wand was used, right-click and use "Grow" if necessary to select
    a slightly larger area)

    2. Right-click and select "Feather". Set "Radius" to 1 pixel, then

    3. From the main menu select "Enhance" - "Adjust Color" -

    4. Move the "Saturation" slider to left to desaturate color.

    5. Move the "Lightness" slider to the left until desired result is

    Ken Guest

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