I'm learning Dreamweaver and have come across something that has me baffled.

I create a static web page with images embedded. The images are in the
standard images folder within the site. When I put the static page on the site
everything looks fine.

Next, I copy the HTML into a MySQL database and call it into a page. None of
the pictures showed up.

Here's the details...

To work in the static page, the images are set up like:

To work in the dynamic page, the images are set up like:

In this case, they don't show up in Dreamweaver.

The path to the images is [url]http://k4vd.net/testing/k4vd/images[/url]. The pages exist
on the same level as the images folder.

When I try to use the ../images form with the dynamic page, the link to the
image looks like:


This is wrong, it should be:


How can I get the images in the dynamic page to show up correctly in both
Dreamweaver and on the site?