No, it's not the modem. This *very same problem* just cropped up for
me on Saturday. I've been trying to troubleshoot all week and have
come to the conclusion that it must be some kind of virus. Here's
what I've done:

--Tried another modem -- same problem, so it's not the modem.

--Trashed the Remote Access preferences, restarting before
recreating them -- same problem.

--Did a Clean Install of OS9 -- same problem.

--Ran Disk First Aid, Norton Disk Doctor, and
defragged -- same problem.

Although I have made arrangements to go to a cable modem, I have
decided that I have to do a complete reinstall of the OS. This does
not make me happy, especially since the OS9 doentation says that
"if you already have internet settings, they will be retained and will
appear after the re-install".

So, my question now is, should I wipe the disk with Disk Doctor before
reinstalling the OS?

Please help.

Stacie, PPC

maria bussmann <> wrote in message news:<>...
> i have an IMAC 333 with standard "remote Access" bar at bottom of
> screen & TCP/IP
> control panel. yesterday, out of the clear blue sky, "Remote Access"
> stopped working-- i mean when you click, "connect", it says,
> "connecting" but it doesn't dial-- it doesn't dial the fone # of my ISP
> which is in the dial-up number field of the "Remote Access" setup.
> nothing happens-- it just doesn't dial the fone number. i checked the
> cable & the modem control panel and all seemed OK.
> Any suggestions greatly appreciated