I have a LinkSys BEFSR41 (I'm starting to believe it's the
router with the most problems), and I have DSL connected
to the router and my computer takes the Internet off of it
(WAN). When I try to run Remote Desktop, it starts to
listen to any connections, now when I try to connect, my
router Internet connection is totally disconnected, I have
to go admin my router to re-connect to the Internet. I
don't know what's causing it, I tried to do all DMZ-wise
solutions. I'm pretty sure if I connect directly to the
Internet without the router it'll work (because that was
the case when I also tried to make a VPN connection to my
computer, VPN only works when I'm directly connect to the
Inet, NOT thru a router). Is there ANY way I could go
around that? Should I buy a better router? (I think I

Help please.
- E