I have just installed RH9 and GRUB on hda with partitions as follows
hda1 = /boot
hda2 = /
hda5 = /home
This will boot and run fine until I install the removable hdc!
When booting the system with hdc installed grub seems to be booting
from the wrong drive and not getting very far.
Hda is the primary master and hdc is the secondary master.
The messages scroll past very fast but its not mounting as read-write
and so cant start any of the logs. (how can I scroll lock or step
through the kernal load?) The /boot sizes are different when the
removable drive is in place to when its not - but there is not /boot
directory on the removable drive.

The grub.conf
title RHLinux
kernel (hd0,0)/vmlnuz root=/dev/hda2 hdd=ide-scsi
initrd (hd0,0)/initrd.img

The removable hdc was the origional hard drive and so may have am MBR
that has a bootable image - if so how can I remove this. Is it
somehow possible that this smaller disk is comming up before the
larger hda?

Any help greatly appreciated