I have a movie where in frame 1 of channel one I load a flash interface with a
button that goes to frame 15. On that frame(15) I have a .png file as a
background and a set of buttons in a flash file, each button opening a
Quicktime video in director. When I click on a button to open a video, the
video opens, but the background reverts (mostly) to the flash interface from
frame 1 (although the buttons aren't active). It actually looks like the
interface from frame 1 and the interface from frame 15 are bleeding
together...although the flash buttons and the video always stay on top. In case
it is relevent, the video is marked as DTS and the flash file (buttons) is not
marked DTS

Using the controls on the Director stage, this happens the first time.
However, if I stop the movie, hit rewind, and press play again, this problem
doesn't occur. I did notice that if I switch windows (go to another app), the
same problem occurs. Also, if I bring the Score/Cast to the foreground while
the movie is playing, the portion of the stage that is hidden behind the
Score/Cast exhibits this problem (i see it when I bring the stage back to the

Any ideas why it would be doing this? Oh, this happens even when I export it
to a Projector file (this will be a CD-ROM app)