Many threads have been addressing this for the last two years, but none have
posted a solution. I have a repeating region that works correctly in
Dreamweaver MX 6.1, but does not work in Contribute 3.1. Clicking on the MUI
buttons sometimes have no effect and sometimes tells me "No repeat entries
selected" when I do in fact have the item selected. Sometimes it gives me a
slew of javascript errors. Sometimes it make the focus jump to another part of
the page. Sometimes it tells me that the draft's parent template is missing
(when it isn't) or that I don't have access with my role (when I do). It seems
that Contribute doesn't know what the problem is and is throwing error messages
at random.

This did work at one point and then stopped, with no changes made to the
templates or the server. I can create a new page from the templates and the MUI
will work, but eventually it will stop working.

I have my templates uploaded to the server. I have access to the templates in
my Contribute role. My other users have the same problem. I have reloaded
Contribute. I have refreshed the page from the template. Is there a

You can find the code and template at [url][/url]
They are coldfusion.