in Adobe acrobat you can open a PDF file and "replace pages" (some or all) with pages from another PDF file.

it used to be that when I did this, the pages I was bringing in would come in aligned/formatted the same way as in the doent to which I was placing them.

recently however when I bring pages in, they are sideways and then I have to "rotate pages" to get them like I want.

the pages that I bring in (the sideways ones) were initially made in XLS--they came from XLS as printfiles which I then used Acrobat Distiller to turn into PDF. The settings in XLS to the print file should be printing with the correct orientation.

Any ideas why the orientation gets ed up during the Distillation process? it never used to happen but now it happens every time, so I wonder whether it was an Acrobat software update that did this to me. I'd sure love to find a solution, because on big jobs having to manually go in an "rotate pages" can be a real pain.