Ok, I've got a slight problem that is proving to be a little irritating.

I have a sales interface that is used by various members of staff to input
sales. I put my own sales in to this interface and I want the interface
(since I designed it) to make highlighting my own deals a little easier.

My username is "thedtb". And I want the interface to filter out a recordset
of users by way of "MM_Username" and then if the username in the session is
equal to "thedtb" in the access database behind the interface I want it to
highlight the table rows applicable to my own sales green, joint sales
yellow, and any others leave white. But all must have a Blue roll over.

The code below, (watch the wrap) successfully highlights the rows green,
yellow and white where applicable but the blue rollover only occurs on the
green and yellow rows and not the white rows.

For ease, I have separated the code. The first highlights the row green. The
second yellow, and the last white... I assume it's something to do with the
"If" "Else" statements perhaps not being correct but I can't work it out

Any help / suggestions appreciated.

Kind regards


<% IF Users.Fields.Item("Username").Value = "thedtb" then%>

<% IF Ongoing.Fields.Item("Salesman").Value = "DB" then %>
<tr bgColor="#00FF99" onMouseOver="this.bgColor='#00CCFF';"
<% End IF %>

<% IF Ongoing.Fields.Item("Salesman").Value = "Joint" then %>
<tr bgColor="#FFFFCC" onMouseOver="this.bgColor='#00CCFF';"
<% End IF %>

<% Else %>
<tr bgColor="#ffffff" onMouseOver="this.bgColor='#00CCFF';"
<% End if %>