Hi all.

I have been strugling with trying to get access to a web reference in my web
project that is outside my firewall (ISA 2000 server running on Win 2k3
server). I have researched this issue thoroughly reading up on kb articles:
307220; 330221; 318140 as well as numerous posts related to proxy issues but
have had no luck resolving this issue.

As of this writing I have done the following in various combinations:

1) modified web.config and/or machine.config with:
<identity impersonate="true" userName="myUserName" password="myPassword" />

<proxy usesystemdefault="false" proxyaddress="http://myServer:8080"
2) modifications to VB class:
Dim ws As New myWebService
Dim oProxy = New WebProxy(myProxy, True)
ws.Proxy = oProxy
Dim oCredentials As New NetworkCredential("myUserName",
"myPassword", "myDomain")
ws.Credentials = oCredentials
Dim strMyResult As String = ws.MyMethod(myParam)

In my dev environment I can modify the configuration of the proxy server.
When I turn off authentication everything works fine. If I turn on
authentication (any type (all permutations of Basic/Digest/Integrated)) the
request fails with a 407 error.

I have done everything I can to resolve this issue on my own. Any help
would be greatly appreciated!
Thanks in advance for your time.