FP uses http protocols to connect, not FTP. DW uses FTP protocols to
connect, not http.

It could be that this is what you are seeing. Here's how I would manage the
transition -

1. I'd download the remote site to a location on my hard drive. This will
pick up all the pages *after* webbot action so that shared borders and all
are already present. This will *not* pick up any of the server code, but
you are going to have to rebuild that anyhow. You may need to use a 3rd
party "weber" to get these files.
2. I'd define a DW site that points to the root of the FP site you just
3. I'd create a DW template for the pages that captures the "shared border"
4. I'd copy and paste content from the FP pages to the template child pages
and then save the new child pages with an easily identifiable nomenclature
that is distinct from what was used on the FP site.
5. When the basic site is completed, I'd upload to some staging area, and
by using the browser, I'd verify that the site (as it exists remotely) is
6. Then I'd create a new DW site in a new location on the hard drive,
connect to and download all the files from the staging site.

You now have a complete site (minus any of the FP extension server-side
code) that has no FP footprint.

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"cas1" <> wrote in message
> I am makeing the switch from front page to dreamweaver. I defined the
remote site without issues. When I try to log onot the host site with
dreamweaver ftp, my first message is that i have succesfully connected to
the host, then the next message is that dreamweaver is retreiving the files,
ot looks like it is trying to retreive the files, but then after waiting a
bit I get a message, something to the effect that I have been timed out or
lost the connection with the host. When I try it with front page I
immediatly have access to the files. Any idea what is going on and how to
fix it??