Without much fanfare, Dantz has recently released a driver update.
Finally they support the Pioneer DVR-105 (the usual Superdrive supplied
by Apple in recent G4 towers, which is very cheap in stores right now),
though only for DVD-R and DVD-RW. This update also finally fully
supports my old La Cie USB drive (Mitsumi CR4804TE mechanism) which has
long been listed as supported but always used to hang when it began

Before this update, my DVR-105 did not show up at all in the drive list.
Now it does, and backup of my 3.4 GB OSX boot partition to a Verbatim
DVD-RW ("all except cache files") took about 2 hours, 1/3 of which was
verifying. Not bad for about 50,000 files, and there's still room for
lots of incremental updates. That's on an old Gigabit Ethernet G4 with
dual 450 MHz processors, running 10.1.5. Retrospect Express 5.0.238.

I also tried to write to an existing CD backup set using the superdrive
(not having read the announcement on the Dantz web site that the new
driver does not support CD writing). It appeared to work until it filled
the current CD (which was nearly full). It properly recognised a new
CD-RW when it was inserted, but refused to write to it: "The disk cannot
be added to the backup set. It is too different from the other media in
the set." With a little luck the next release will fix this remaining
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