I'm working on a Dreamweaver CS3 extension that includes custom property
inspector for 'div' tag with specific attributes.

Using the custom inspector modifies part of the body and head code on the web
page. Here's the issue: modifying script code between head tags makes the
property inspector lose focus. I've tried to return the focus back to original
div tag to redisplay the custom property inspector, but I get default 'div'
inspector instead of the custom one. I'd like to get the custom property
inspector back so the user can keep using the controls on it without noticing
the focus loss.

Here's the code that focuses back on original 'div' tag:

and here's the header for custom property inspector:
<!-- tag:div, attrName:class, attrValue:myCustomClass, priority:5,
selection:within,hline,vline -->

Thank you very much,