TechNote 15372 (Removing line breaks from comment tags) mentions the SourceFormat.txt file.
I have no such file on my system (Win XP) when using DW MX (v 6.0). Should this file exist or is
this article outdated? If this file should exist, can I create it? If so, should I be in Administrator
mode? If the file shouldn't exist, can I alter the behavior of the comment tag from within the
Tag Library? If not, how can I alter the behavior of the tag?

-- Dukeroo

P.S. There is almost always somebody who wants to know why a user would want/need to
redefine the behavior of a software application. In this case, I am using Server-Side Includes
(SSI) to bring certain information into a Web page inside a table data (TD) cell. It's important
that no space characters be introduced into the SSI. So, I need everything on one line, a la
<td><!--SSI --></td>
but DW MX spreads this across three (3) lines even though I have "No break after TD" checked
in Code Format within Preferences. DW MW is doing the following
<!--SSI -->
Being spread across three (3) lines like this introduces 2 spaces that are killing my SSI.

I've been coding for the Web since 1994. If you can help me solve my problem, I would be most
appreciative; however, please don't try to persuade me that what I want/need isn't necessary.