I am trying to see if a Solaris 8 application will work on Solaris 9.
While it mostly works, I am still running into issues with RPC.

I get error "RPC: Unknown host" when the C++ driven API tries to
establish a connection. (I get the same error with Java driven APIs)

Name resolution is simply hosts, then DNS (No NIS stuff), and name
resolution appears to work fine in other ways (eg. ping). I've tried
using a hostname of localhost, myhostname, myhostname.mydomain, etc. I
can see the RPC programs with rpcinfo, and they seem to come up
properly. I can look at them with truss. The application itself seems
to run ok. However the APIs just keep saying they can't find the rpc
host. (Even when both applications are running on the same Solaris 9

Is RPC changed a bunch on Solaris 9?
Is there some sort of parameters I can tweak to effect this?
Is there a better way to monitor if RPC should be rejecting the call
with "RPC: Unknown host", so I can tell if this is masking some other