forge <> wrote:
> Okay, I've just installed Safari 1.0 on my dual 1.25 at the office.
> It's running fine, everything works and it renders some pages better
> than Camino or Mozilla, which is grand. BUT it will NOT save my login
> IDs!!! I have to give userid and password to get out through the
> firewall; if I enter these and check the "remember" checkbox, next
> time I start up, the whole dialog is blank again!
> I looked into my Keychain and there *is* a setting in there that says
> it's for the firewall and Safari. I checked Safari's prefs and ticked
> the box that says "remember passwords." Still nothing. Anyone got an
> idea?? It's frustrating. I want to give my workgroup the best browser
> for the job and Safari is it, but they're going to complain a little
> if they have to remember and retype the passwords for every site they
> access. Help!!!
Someone in aus.computers.mac was having the same problem. I don't know
what the problem could be, but they were happy with a workaround I
suggested: if the 'Firewall' you mention is actually a proxy, use Authoxy.
You'll never have to enter your username and password again, and in case
it has been troubling you, Software Update, MacHelp, iTunes streams/radio
and Quicktime web content, etc, will work.

Obvious disclaimer: I wrote Authoxy. Get it from


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