I have a couple of almost related question.

1) in IE 5.2 on os10.2.6 I can't open up ....

in fact I can't open [url]http://groups./[/url] or any combination. I can
open this to open in VPC and PC's IE. Navigator .6 won;t open it either

2) I am trying to re-load Safari to try - but the installer loads to the
desktop but the folder won't open when double clicked? any idea's?

3) I read where you can open the plist? for safari in msWord and change
the true to false for the first time -- so it opens the IE bookmarks
....but I could not make that work the last time on my other mac - any
hints ? I have way too much time and effort in my IE book marks to re-do

Thanks for any help offered

please remove NOSPAM form my e-mail address - or just reply back to the group

Greg H