I am currently using the VFS "recycle bin" module (Thanks Dave & Tim)
to share files on my server to users through Samba. The recycle bin is
created in the root of the shared files directory. I want to create
the recycle bin so that users can only access it read/only, but I want
myself & my boss to be able to delete files out of that directory as
users from our workstations. I can already create the required
permissions to allow for 2 users to have read/write access, and the
rest to only have read only access, but since the recycler directory
is located in the root of my share I am having problems assigning
permissions. Is there a way to edit smb.conf forcing my recycle bin to
not be listed in that location, and listed as another share with its
own permissions, Also is there any method for including multiple paths
in a single share. Any advice on how to solve my problem would be
awesome. Thanks You So Much In Advance.

Humbly Learning,