In the course of answering a recent question here, I had cause to revisit my Windows languages settings.

For some strange reason, 'Regional Languages and Options | Advanced | Language for non-Unicode programs' had been set to 'English (Zimbabwe)'!!!

I set this to 'English (United States)' and ALL issues associated with this problem have disappeared. To recap, these issues are...

1. Apparent disappearance of 'Save for Web' from File menu. (It's actually there -- you can click on the space it normally occupies -- just not visible.)

2. Missing text on buttons, tabs, etc., within the Wave for Web dialog.

3. Illustrator shuts down with error message The instructions at "0x036e6220" referenced memory at "{some hex value}". The memory could not be "read".

To further recap, this occurs with Illustrator 10.x running on Win XP Pro in my case... although it appears other Win versions might also be affected based on reports from others this problem.

Those who also experienced a similar problem in GoLive 6.x (text missing in Save for Web dialog) will be glad to know that this solves that mystery, as well.

Speaking of mysteries, it baffles me how this 'Language for non-Unicode programs' setting could have gotten changed. I'm quite sure I didn't do it. (If I did, why would I choose 'Zimbabwe'?) Was it some application I installed? (If so, why 'Zimbabwe'?) Was it some Windows weirdness?

Most likely, we shall never know.

=-= Harron =-=