Hi There folks,

I do a lot of palette manipulation stuff with 8-bit PNGs using ps7's save for web function. over the course of the day I may load up 20 or more .act files (palettes) and this is really slowing down 'save for web' In the perceptual/ selective/ custom/ etc drop down box, I have so many palettes that it has gone way of the edge of the screen (it's only displaying ones starting with the letter b, c-z are off the screen). Caching all these pallets means that save for web is taking 1-2 mins just to appear once I select the option.

so, my question is how can i reset the palette list in save for web. I've tried removing the save for web preferences, ps preferences and imageready preferences from the registry, with no luck, I've tried deleting the pref files from 'doents and settings/.../' with no luck... the only thing left is a re-install.

any ideas?