I am using Microsoft Access 2010 and I have a difficult issue. I am trying to make a user click on his/her ID (as a hyperlink) from the Main Database and open a Form that has a subform datasheet where the user can edit/add/comment notes about the customer (sort of like a textbox). The reason why I am having a subform separately is because the form consists of linked fields from the Main program database itself (like the customer's name,etc.) I know how to do all that but I don't know how to save and close the form with data that the user edited in the subform.

I tried adding a cmdSave_click() in Visual Basic and tried the other route as an embedded Macro [Form].[Dirty] but it keeps on saving the data onto the Main program datasheet (where the customer's ID is). It saves the data BUT I only want the subform data that was edited in the form opened by a hyperlink to be saved. Here is my code for Visiual basic:

Private Sub cmdSave_Click()
'Save Record for each Item
DoCmd.Save acForm, "UpdateItem"
End Sub

Hopefully this makes sense to you and you can give me some light on what I should do. All inputs and advice are much appreciated! Thank you .