Maybe tion or DTS might be what you're after.
I don't know how 'realtime' you need it. If you simply need every half hour
or so then DTS is a fine solution and flexible.
As far as I understand tion (not very well!) then this is much more
realtime but more tricky to set up.
Both are covered in BOL

"niitmalad" <> wrote in message
> Dear Friends
> I have two servers in the organisation.
> First server work with the Logistics department who feeds
> the data related to the Logistics in the Dababase XYZ
> Second server work with the Finace department and this
> people need all the data feeded by Logistics in database
> XYZ of first server in Table Logistics.
> Now i am coping the new records created by Logistics to
> Finanace Manually.
> Please suggest how Can i Automate the process.
> Thanks in Advance.
> Niitmalad