Okay...I will give the short version here.....we had a server crash
that was the only one using SCO Merge (ver 4.0.2b).
We re-installed SCO OpenServer 5.0.5 on a Compaq server (the one that
crashed was a Dell PowerEdge 2300) installed all the patches and
installed Merge...

Then we restored all the data from backup that contains all of our
Clipper programs that run in dos via Merge

After installing Merge, all of the programs that use the 'run on
unix' command
fail......error stating line # of program....RUN error....I have
verified the on.exe is where it needs to be , etc....

Now, the thing is...if I take any program and break it down into a
smaller program, it works fine...it seems as if it will only handle
very small programs

I have tried loading dos +ems4 +m8 shows largest executable is 610K
which should be fine, etc....

Are there any other tunable parameters that handle this in Merge that
I'm missing??

another note: there is 512MB RAM on the new server......

All I can say now is "HELP!" sheesh.......our reporting is almost at
a standstill now.....


Scott Ullmann