Anyone have a OSR 5.0.7 and a ADR2SR (2 x 60Gb Tape Drives) running?

I'm having a config problem with them. They are suppose to work
together (Knock on wood), but Im getting "tar: write error"s while
using "tar cvf /dev/rStp0 ." to test the configuration.

I know that it's not the DELL or the Adaptec causing the problem.
I hooked up a smaller HP SureStor DAT to the Configuration and
.. zip .. Full Backup - No Problems.

DELL Poweredge 2650 with PERIC/3-DI (Adaptec 78xx chipset)
Addon Adaptec 29160LP (For the Tape Drive)
Onstream ADR2SR External Tape Drive System

Douglas Luurs
Systems Programmer

Borisch Mfg Corp
Grand Rapids, Mi 49512-5314