As far as I am concerned they are in the dust... I have decided that all new
installs and upgrades we for our customers will be using Red Hat Advanced
Server and not SCO. They have seemed to be unstable for a while and I think
they are finally having a breakdown!

My 2 cents!

"Bob Meyers" <oregonbob2000> wrote in message
> "Ralph Aichinger" <> wrote in message
> > It would interest me what people here think of SCO's
> > latest PR stunt in the SCO vs IBM case. There was
> > a demonstration at SCO's headquarters and SCO
> > seemingly has organized an "anti demonstration".
> I'll bet some folks at SCO do feel victimized, right or wrong. But I can't
> help but wonder 'what if SCO applied all that energy to making a better
> product?', instead of lawyers and random releases of tantrum. While
> energy is misdirected, Linux will leave SCO in the dust, I am afraid.