I have changed my computer some time ago from Win98 to XP Pro, I am using
Photoshop V7. I have two large drives "C" with the Adobe Program and "D"
for my saved images. I keep getting a messages warning me that Photoshop
scratch disk should not be the same drive as the program is installed on. I
changed the set-up, the first setting from Start-up to "D" then the second
from None to "C". from that point I could not get Adobe to run. each time I
clicked on the icon I got a message:- Could not intialize Photoshop because
of a program error !! - After a lot of trial and error I managed to switch
it back to its original settings, and I can once again use Photoshop. But
now getting the error message again that I started with i.e. "Photoshop
scratch disk should not be the same disk" Any suggestions please.
JB (if replying direct remove No_spam)